Josh Thomas preaches to the converted

This article first appeared at Farrago. This might sound like I’m stating the obvious, but if you don’t like Josh Thomas, you won’t like his new show. That’s not to say that Thomas’… Continue reading

Ageing Tripod still remember how to make jokes

This article first appeared at Farrago. The three men behind Tripod are not getting any younger, and they know it. Indeed, their latest Comedy Festival offering Men of Substance is a 75-minute long celebration of… Continue reading

The DO’D is not a dud

This article first appeared at Farrago. Like almost every comedian, international guest David O’Doherty attacks the standard targets. He finds irony in smart phones, enjoys a good whinge about celebrity culture, and has a… Continue reading

Farrago Plays Guess Who: Lawrence Leung vs Kevin Hawkins

This video was filmed and edited by Maddi Connaughton from Farrago. By the way, Lawrence Leung’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival show Part Time Detective Agency is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. I… Continue reading

How Masterchefs can help us understand extreme poverty

Whenever I tell people about the Live Below the Line challenge, they always ask me whether eating on $2 a day is even possible. My gut reaction is to explain to them that… Continue reading

Melbored? – Melbourne’s Trains

This article first appeared in Farrago (Issue 2, 2013) If getting there is half the fun, then Melbourne must be a very fun city. As thrilling as it is to snare a bargain… Continue reading

Post-modern time-waster gives Lonely Planet a bad name

This article first appeared in Farrago (Issue 2, 2013) It all begins with a naked red-haired woman. She jumps up and down, creaking the floor boards with every bounce. She appears distraught, if… Continue reading

War Witch to crush your spirit

This article first appeared on Farrago. War Witch will suck the spirit right out of you. It’s as depressing a picture as they come, and one that will make you mad with the world… Continue reading

Melbored? – Sidney Myer Music Bowl

This article first appeared in Farrago (Issue 1, 2013) The Sidney Myer Music Bowl is like a red flag to a bull for a cheapskate like me. The amphitheatre with its wire fences… Continue reading

Real-life thriller sheds new light on horror story

This article first appeared on Film Blerg. Any film dealing with dark themes such as child disappearances, sex trafficking, and identify theft should theoretically be greatly disturbing. But Bart Layton’s The Imposter is more exhilarating than frightening;… Continue reading