Rocket to the movies

This article first appeared on Film Blerg. You’d have to be pretty hardhearted not to be moved by Kim Mordaunt’s The Rocket. Set in rural Laos, the film tells the story of Ahlo (Sitthiphon Disamoe) –… Continue reading

The Earth Wins, but the audience loses

This article first appeared on Film Blerg. Imagine watching some of most breathtaking scenes on earth – a flock of flamingoes flying over a lake; sub-Saharan African tribes performing a traditional dance ceremony;… Continue reading

Melbored? – eMelbourne

This article first appeared in Farrago (Issue 6, 2013) Excuse the sneaky brag, but as I write this entry I am approximately 7100 kilometres from home, connected to Cambodian wifi. This may not… Continue reading

Two and Half Men “actor” gives One and Half Star performance

This article first appeared on Film Blerg. Much like the Wes Anderson films that feature in Roman Coppola‘s back catalogue, A Glimpse Inside The Mind of Charles Swan III is an aesthetic feast. The soundtrack is groovy; the… Continue reading

They’re the Millers, and they’re not that bad

This article first appeared on Film Blerg. On face value, Rawson Marshall Thurber‘s We’re the Millers doesn’t look like a particularly sharp film. Were one to judge it purely by the marketing campaign, it would be safe… Continue reading

Melbored? – Ramsay St

This article first appeared in Farrago (Issue 5, 2013). As a lifelong Forest Hill resident, I’ll be the first to admit my suburb doesn’t offer much in the way of tourist attractions. It’s… Continue reading

Smoking ban? Yes we can.

This article first appeared in Farrago (Issue 5, 2013). It appeared as part of a double-page spread with this piece, written by John Stowell. When my grade three teacher taught me about the… Continue reading

Can White People Do Development?

Imagine if flash floods hit Melbourne, displacing thousands of families. Houses are destroyed, parents are separated from their children, and the stinky Yarra overflows through the CBD. With the world’s attention turned to… Continue reading

Sleep Below the Line

When people talk about extreme poverty and living on US$1.25 a day, that figure has to cover food, drink, transport, accommodation, medication, education, and all living expenses. My beloved Live Below the Line… Continue reading

Filmmakers steal secrets from Julian Assange

This article first appeared on Farrago. Few individuals divide the masses quite like Julian Assange. We Steal Secrets, a comprehensive biography exploring his life and the whistle-blowing organisation he founded, does not make assessing… Continue reading