Inside [Short Story]

The window was ajar. That made things a little easier. I had been through the routine more than a dozen times before; pull the glass frame back, push through the fly screen and… Continue reading

Leap of faith [Creative Non-Fiction]

Just thinking about it makes me sweat. My fingers burst with perspiration; my pulse ascends; goosebumps begin appearing all over my body. That’s why I try not to reflect on the events of… Continue reading

The Library [Poetry]

The tips of my fingers bump over valleys of volumes; history hidden behind the boneless spines of each relic I touch. My eyes smile with silent elation as I reach for a solid… Continue reading

Semester Uno

Last week I did something I never imagined was possible. I had a conversation about capitalism. Sure, I understood little of what I was saying, but as a cocksure University student too naïve… Continue reading


Check out the latest issue of Beyond magazine (particularly page 7) For more Beyond stuff check out

2010: The vital questions.

The most annoying thing about the years spanning from 2000 to 2009 is that there isn’t really a proper way to address the decade in a single word. The ‘Naughties’ has been thrown… Continue reading

The Zeroties – Greatest Hits part 2

Part 1 THE TEN MOST MEMORABLE ALBUMS (In no specific order)   American Idiot by Green Day Everybody seems to hate Green Day these days. Yes, I agree that their clothes are too… Continue reading

The Zeroties (the naughties sounds too… naughty) – Greatest Hits

So… we’ve come to the end of a decade. Now what do we do? My personal answer to that question is simple: write a blog. That way I can reflect on stuff and… Continue reading

‘Howzat!’ article

Here is an article I wrote for the Australian magazine S-press back in November 2008.

Kev in Africa

Tomorrow morning, I depart on the holiday of a lifetime. But this blog is not about that. That blog is located at