Another bloody film about Julian Assange

This article first appeared on Film Blerg. Popular culture has been brimming with Julian Assange content in recent years, with books, films, and YouTube clips alike giving the public new insights into this elusive yet… Continue reading

Chaumeil channels Shakespeare in French rom-com

This article first appeared on Film Blerg. In most romantic films, the good girl gets the good guy, vindicating all of the audiences’ wildest dreams. Without changing the formula too much, Pascal Chaumeil’s Fly Me… Continue reading

How To Be A Student Magazine Columnist

The monthly releases of Farrago magazine were the scariest moments of my first year at Uni. Upon seeing a new cover grace the ubiquitous Farrago stands around campus, a spasm would rocket down… Continue reading

How I became Melbored

The pitch When camera-laden Asian tourist groups visit Flinders St station, they gaze wide-eyed at the historic façade and get trigger happy. Few Melbournians share in on the excitement; to the general populous,… Continue reading

Melbored? – The University of Melbourne

This article first appeared in Farrago (Issue 8, 2013). In a decade or two’s time, when my son asks me how I became a C-grade comedian, part-time tutor, and freelance writer, I will… Continue reading

Punk protestors hit the riot notes

This article first appeared on Film Blerg and Farrago. On 3 March 2012, a group of protestors from the all-female punk group Pussy Riot stormed into Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, one of Moscow’s holiest… Continue reading

Diana biopic not as bad as you think

This article first appeared on Film Blerg. It goes without saying that Oliver Hirschbiegel’s biopic Diana will end in tragedy. But the tragedy of Diana is not so much the Princess’ death, but the unlikely tale of forbidden… Continue reading

Melbored? – Docklands and the Southern Star

This article first appeared in Farrago (Issue 7, 2013) If myki were a public monument, it would be the Southern Star. Standing 120 metres tall and towering over the Docklands suburb, the Star… Continue reading

Contemporary Cambodia defined by bloody history

This article first appeared in Melbourne University’s articulation newsletter. It was only 34 years ago that Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge held power in Cambodia, leading a brutal regime of intense agrarian labour, civil war, and… Continue reading

Jesus was a leftie – why Christians should vote Greens

Christians often ask themselves “What Would Jesus Do?” This week, however, Christians in Australia must also ask themselves “How Would Jesus Vote?” Ever since American pastor Jerry Falwell founded the Moral Majority in… Continue reading