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  • Jan 12 – L-platers in a hurry must do the time, not the crime
    “Melbourne’s variable climate makes it difficult to predict when the next hail storm or foggy day may arrive. It is little wonder that our roads are always clogged up whenever it’s raining: half the road users are L-platers desperate to tick this mission off their list.”
  • Jul 11 – Alcohol doesn’t kill people. People kill people.
    “A revolving advertising feature is of little interest. A revolving advertising feature that promotes sex, atheism and booze, on the other hand, is a marketer’s dream.”
  • Aug 10 – Busting to be a man
    Stage fright is probably the most uncomfortable and emasculating situation a man can succumb to. Not only is your body scoffing at your natural human instincts, but your neighbouring urinalists are silently judging you.”
  • Jun 10 – Leap of faith
    “Just thinking about it makes me sweat. My fingers burst with perspiration; my pulse ascends; goosebumps begin appearing all over my body. That’s why I try not to reflect on the events of July the 1st, 2009.”
  • Dec 11 – All hail the next big thing! Wait, an even bigger thing!
    “There’s a fine line between the “next big thing” and a national legend. There’s an even finer line between the “next big thing” and a nobody.”
  • Oct 10 – To my beloved child
    “I can only speculate as to my future, but you already know what happens. Don’t take that for granted. You may not have figured out your own life yet, but appreciate the fact that billions before you have a story to tell. “
  • Oct 11 – The country of cocks
    “Like a wind-up toy, he paused momentarily, only to re-commence his diatribe at an even faster pace. A man was trying to sell me a penis in a foreign language – I had no choice but to laugh.”


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