Axis of Awesome live up to their name

Benny, Jordan, and Lee

Benny, Jordan, and Lee

This article first appeared on Farrago.

Not many good things came out of 2005’s television flop The Ronnie Johns Half Hour. Jordan Raskopoulos, however, seems to be the exception. Unlike the show in which he made his name, Raskopoulos and his trio The Axis of Awesome are intelligent, satirical, and downright hilarious.

The musical trio’s Cry Yourself A River comedy-rock show is an hour and $28 well spent. From their Beauty and the Beast mash-up to their innovative audience-led pantomime to their extremely accurate parody of football culture, The Axis of Awesome repeatedly impress with a wide assortment of witty tunes and innovative ideas.

While the bearded Raskopoulos is clearly the group’s front man, each band member brings their own talents to the table. Jordan Lee reminds you of your obnoxious friend who you’re too afraid to admit is actually quite funny. Meanwhile, compact keyboardist Benny is solid as a rock, supporting his band mates with flawless musical accompaniment.

One problem with musical comedy is that performers often feel the need to fill up three to four minutes with a single joke. The Axis of Awesome seldom fall into this trap; they aren’t afraid to make thirty-second ditties, let alone two-second musical moments.

As such, the band power through their one-hour set with roughly a dozen songs, each of which is punchy and funny. Even when they target hipsters and dance-floor junkies-the scapegoats of this year’s Comedy Festival-the band still hits the mark with clever gags and delightfully cynical insights.