Ageing Tripod still remember how to make jokes

The three unshakable pillars of Tripod.

The three unshakable pillars of Tripod.

This article first appeared at Farrago.

The three men behind Tripod are not getting any younger, and they know it. Indeed, their latest Comedy Festival offering Men of Substance is a 75-minute long celebration of their inevitable step into the adult contemporary genre.

While their beer guts and receding hairlines show their physical maturity, the content of their songs still reflects their underlying childishness. Yon’s Willy-Wonka-inspired ballad about meeting his wife in a gay bar is wickedly crude. Likewise, the trio’s funky tax-inspired anthem “BAS Time” is as ridiculous as it sounds.

To compensate for these moments of absurdity, Tripod get in touch with their ageing alter egos on satirical numbers such as “Adult Contemporary” and Scod’s solo effort “I Am Beautiful”.

With age also comes experience, and Tripod certainly how to pull off an entertaining show. The intimate Spiegeltent venue suits their act, allowing them to engage with the audience in a fun and personal manner.

The best example of Tripod’s showmanship is evident in their on-stage banter. The band members effortlessly work segues into their repartee, ensuring every song has a back-story and adequate introduction. One suspects every word of theirs —including their apparent dashes of improvisation—are rehearsed. With that said, it all feels very natural—watching Tripod always feels like watching three mates on stage rather than three performers.

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