The DO’D is not a dud

The DO'D

The DO’D

This article first appeared at Farrago.

Like almost every comedian, international guest David O’Doherty attacks the standard targets. He finds irony in smart phones, enjoys a good whinge about celebrity culture, and has a list of first-world problems. Thankfully, O’Doherty is a funny man —something that shouldn’t be taken for granted, even at a comedy festival—and uses each of these topics as a springboard to jump into some amusing anecdotes.

It’s here that the Irishman begins to find his element, as he vents about the lack of masculine cakes available on the market and shares with us with his encounters with a stick insect.

As confident as he is as a stand-up comedian, O’Doherty is at his sharpest while seated behind his small keyboard. Not only do his songs effectively break the show into defined segments, but they present to us a different side of the DO’D.

Without losing his temper, O’Doherty regularly derails into hilarious micro-rants, including one particularly passionate tirade against illegal file sharing. Each of these caveats contrast wonderfully with the cheap primary-school-quality tones that emanate from his novelty instrument. The passive aggressiveness is put on—it’d have to be given that O’Doherty will be performing these same songs 24 times this festival – but that only adds to the fun.

The biggest downside is that O’Doherty only reaches for his keyboard half a dozen times. A full hour of the DO’D behind the keyboard wouldn’t be to everybody’s taste but the current ratio of 50% stand-up, 50% musical performance is a bit of letdown given that his songs are his biggest drawcard.

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