Expert in a week: the complete series

Get Cereal DIGITAL logoThis blog has been quite silent for the past three months, and there’s a good reason for that. In early October, I traded my pen for a microphone – becoming a weekly presenter and producer for SYN‘s flagship breakfast radio program Get Cereal, hosted by the very entertaining Merran, Scott, and Emma.

Aside from chatting with some big-name celebrities, up-and-coming bands, and notable media personalities (i.e. Alan Brough, David Strassman, and Sushi Das), I was fortunate enough to host a weekly segment.

Expert in a Week saw me become an “expert” in 11 different topics, each of which were suggested by listeners of the Get Cereal broadcast. Below is the complete compilation of these podcasts (mp3). If you don’t have a few hours on your plate to listen to them all, check out my wrap up and you’ll get the gist.

Week 1: Beekeeping
“It’s kind of like Nazi Germany again, but with bees.”

Week 2: Perfumery
“Have you ever met a nice smelling human?”

Week 3: History of Taekwondo
“It’s really handy if you ever get divorced. Just learn taekwondo, chop everything in half, and the split is perfect.”

Week 4: Hunting habits of wolves
“In The Day After Tomorrow, did the wolves lick their fingers and put them in the air? No they didn’t.”

Week 5: Geishas
“Geishas are not prostitutes.”

Week 6: Gladiators
“A typical battle would often result in what we like to call death.”

Week 7: Mayan sacrifical rituals
“Instead of giving up a relationship with Ingrid Bergman, you’re slaughtering animals or humans.”

Week 8: International Space Station
“If you go into space, you only get one shower a month and you have to use Wet Wipes.”

Week 9: Philanthropists
“Warren Buffet is not the world’s leading philanderer.”

Week 10: Merlin
“My mother is not related to Merlin.”

Week 11: Welsh royal family | the wrap up
“The Welsh royal family exist no more; just like this segment, they’re full of flaws.”

A big thank you must go to the Get Cereal executive producers Jenni and Beck for giving me this opportunity; the Get Cereal hosts Merran, Scott, and Emma for letting me embarrass them on air; the very patient and persistent Get Cereal fan base; and my mother for imploring me to stop talking about rubbish on radio. Finally, I must thank Wikipedia and Yahoo! Answers for always having my back.

In 2013, my radio career will go into indefinite hibernation, and I will resume my career as a columnist. Watch this space.