Cabinet Reshuffle: How well do you know your politicians?

Think you know your Australian politicians? I present to you the ultimate test.

Below is a pictorial piece I wrote and illustrated, originally published in Farrago (Issue 3, 2012). Your challenge is to match up the Australian politicians with both a description of their personality (listed on the right-hand side) and their policy position (listed on the left).

If you’re up for the challenge, post your results below. Alternatively, if you’re feeling creative, download the picture, draw up some squiggly lines in Microsoft Paint and post your results to my email (see Contact Me tab above).

Stay tuned for the answers…

Cabinet Reshuffle

Click on the image to expand (download is 365kb). Credit to Farrago for the layout.

Disclaimer: Please note that the personality descriptions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the author. They are supposed to represent common perceptions held by the Australian public.