(Merry) Christmas and a Happy New Year… from Bono

You couldn’t quite call it a carol, but here’s one of the catchier – yet more graphic – Christmas songs out there. Below is the tame video clip; I’ve decided not to link the official video with starving Africans looking hopeless because frankly I don’t believe that does anyone much good. Nevertheless, the lyrics of this song are surprisingly potent and challenging…

If that depresses you, don’t worry; Bono has plenty more cards up his sleeve. Here’s U2’s famous January song, “New Year’s Day”. I’m not sure exactly what it’s about, but it nonetheless sounds a little merrier than his Band Aid work. Watch him dance.

If the first video (or even the second video) inspires you to do something, then do something. But I’m not here to tell you what to do; I’m just here to show you some clips.