The Malaysia solution

Delhi airport. It's a lovely little building, ay?

Our Prime Minister Julia Gillard is starting to get desperate. Last month, her humanitarian efforts to trade refugees with Malaysia hit a brick wall, thanks to the High Court. Unsatisfied with the High Court’s rulings, Gillard has since attempted to change the very laws used against her. The media and the opposition haven’t got off her back since.

Poor Ms. Gillard… all she wants to do is send some Asians to Malaysia.

While it may sound unusual for a Kevin to show pity for a Julia, I can empathise with Ms. Gillard. After all, the Hawkins household have been struggling with this very same plight for the last 14 months.

Ever since Darrell scored free tickets to Malaysia in mid-2010, the family has been through hell and back trying in order to get the two sons deported. This time last year, Dad and I had to suffer through four weeks of excruciating Tasmania “sightseeing” due to our tickets not showing up. As consolation for this human rights abuse, the airline at hand decided to upgrade the Malaysia flights.

No longer were the Hawkins duo set to conquer Malaysia… we were on our way to London.

* * *

My journey begins tomorrow in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. Despite my heritage, this will actually be my first visit to mainland Asia (I don’t think that the Chinese embassy in Canberra counts, nor does Singapore).

From there I head to Delhi (India), for approximately 55 minutes. Thankfully India is a small country that’s extremely easy to get around. If I don’t get time to see it all, though, I’ll at least try to remember to top up my water bottle.

What follows is a random selection of three European cities. London (United Kingdom) will be my first point of call, followed by Barcelona (Spain), Lisbon (Portugal) and London (yet again… the random city generator must have been playing up), in what promises to be a three week break of bliss.

Over this period, I will be updating this blog as frequently as possible. Apologies in advance if I break this promise but hey, there’s always KevInAfrica if you’re getting impatient.

My trip ends on the 9th of October, via another stopover in Kuala Lumpur. I anticipate that my return to Malaysia should be the highlight of my trip. After all, nothing brings a smile to your face like 800 familiar faces.