My week as a sports journo

Sports website Sportal has given budding journalist Kevin Hawkins a rare glimpse into the media industry, treating the 20-year-old to a week-long internship.

The Melbourne student, who prefers to write in third person, spent the past week at the company’s Docklands office, refining his craft as a sports writer.

In addition to constructing news articles and demanding tasks from his temporary colleagues, Hawkins attended a plethora of press conferences.

He used such opportunities to improve on his contact database, despite being criticised by at least one of the nation’s leading writers.

The youngster was nonetheless positive about his experience and hopes to one day hold a permanent role in the industry.

“It was fun,” the articulate Hawkins said in the active voice.

“I think I’m getting better at (stuff) … although I (keep forgetting) that every new sentence warrants a (new paragraph).”

Over the week, the undergraduate had numerous works published online, adding websites such as Omnisport, Melbourne Victory, Cricket Australia, SEN, and Optus myZoo to his portfolio.

All of these works were written in Sportal’s prototype news format.

The average word length was between 200 and 400, much shorter than Hawkins’ usual work.

“I write long,” he said.


The week’s exciting events will be recounted over the coming days on Hawkins’ blog, Knockin’ on Kevin’s Door.