“This is a joke, right?”

The reason I love the blogosphere

My first foray into the sphere of sports journalism began with a bit of hitch this morning.

For the second time in a month, dissatisfied web users have misinterpreted my sarcasm and have attempted to remove me from the realms of cyberspace. This time around, the row is over a satirical piece I penned about the Melbourne Demon’s dismal loss to West Coast.

One post – now removed – sought to hasten my retirement, declaring that “I doubt we’ll be hearing much more from Kevin Hawkins”. Another comment requested that I engage in my “play” on a different platform. My personal favourite, however, exclaimed that “this article should never have made it past the editors.”

Perhaps I’m the one at fault for not being more overt in my humour. Perhaps I’m at fault for simply not being funny enough.

I’ll leave it up to you, however, to make the call; have a read of my rant here, or via the above link.