The tall poppy syndrome applies to the Hottest 100 too

Don’t be surprised if the winner of today’s Hottest 100 is no longer cool in a month’s time. Regardless of whether it’s Lorde, Daft Punk, or a relative newcomer from Murrumbeena that takes… Continue reading

15 Excellent Albums You Can Download For Freegal

People often ask me, “Kevin, what’s your favourite type of music?” My answer is not rock, dance, or hip-hop. Rather, I tell people that I most enjoy free music. A few years ago, I… Continue reading

Know any climate change sceptics? Turn off their air conditioning

This article first appeared in The Guardian Australia’s Comment Is Free section. The science of climate change remains the same every day, regardless of whether it’s a sub-20 degree day in Ohio or… Continue reading

Why are we still watching Test cricket?

This article first appeared on The Roar. As much as I love Test cricket, I can’t deny that it’s the most boring sport in the world. Like many Australians and English tourists, I… Continue reading

Anchorman 2 not a sequel, but a re-make

SPOILER ALERT: This review pretty much gives away everything that happens in Anchorman 2. So only read this if you’ve already seen it, or have no intention of watching it. In Anchorman 2:… Continue reading

Walking With Dinosaurs film better off extinct

This article first appeared on Film Blerg. Fans of the BBC television series Walking With Dinosaurswill enjoy seeing their favourite prehistoric creatures come to life on the big screen. It’s unlikely, however, that the cinematic manifestation… Continue reading

Frozen revisits Disney magic of old

This article first appeared on Film Blerg. Disney has never been one to limit its ambitions, and there’s no better evidence of this than Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee’sFrozen – the studio’s latest fairytale feature. The film’s… Continue reading

Yeezus one step closer to becoming Jesus

American hip-hop artist Kanye West has given his fans a Christmas gift they will never forget, deciding to legally change his date of birth to 25 December 4BC. West’s groundbreaking age reclassification decision… Continue reading

Potts biopic formulaic yet satisfying

This article first appeared on Film Blerg. A quick google search for Paul Potts will spoil the ending of One Chance for you. But even if you know the full back-story of the opera singer,… Continue reading

Big Ass Spider! a big ass surprise

This article first appeared on Film Blerg. For a low-budget film about a gigantic mutant spider destroying Los Angeles, Big Ass Spider! is surprisingly decent. Why this spider exists and why it is attacking humans… Continue reading